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Using a mobile device on a public Wi-Fi is risky than you think. First, it is almost impossible to tell whether the network is wrongly configured thus letting other users see your personal data. Additionally, it could be possible that fraudulent parties have set up the network to trick unsuspecting users and obtain their personal information. Therefore, you need a VPN to keep your personal data safe at all times.

Why you need a VPN

VPNs are commonly used to spoof the location of the user. This implies that your location and data stays 100% encrypted every time you are connected to a VPN. Sending web traffic to remote servers via encrypted tunnels makes it seem to be derived from the VPN server rather than the actual location. Most journalists use this technique to avoid preventive internet measures put in place by governments.

Regular people use this feature to watch region-locked content online. For instance, if you reside in the United States, it is difficult to stream content from the BBC. However, with an effective VPN, it is possible to get around the BBC website by making it believe that you are a citizen of the UK. VPNs can also help you stream Netflix when abroad.

Unsurprisingly, rerouting your actual connection to another negatively impacts your surfing speed. This is because VPNs have a tendency of increasing latency and reducing both download and upload speeds. This is where apps that boost their performance with VPNs come in. Here are some of the apps:

Simple but strong  virtual network

Your mobile device needs an effective VPN like NordVPN to stay safe from hackers, advertisers and government agencies. VPN is remarkable and comes with a broad range of server locations, ad-blocking features, dedicated servers, and a great user interface.

The importance of knowing your IP address

IP addresses are important for internet activities and allow different computers from varied locations to locate one another, and this necessitates the need to know your IP address. Knowing your IP address helps you hide it and make it difficult for other users to monitor you online. Moreover, it makes it impossible for websites to log your visits. You can easily visit restricted sites and stream controlled content while abroad by masking your IP address using a powerful VPN.


Always use VPNs even when you think that your network is safe. In addition to aiding you to stream content while abroad; VPNs can protect you from advertisers who spam your email with annoying messages. Usually, advertisers have trackers that monitor your movements between sites and use your IP address to know your habits and later start sending you coupon messages.




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